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  • Optimus Legal Solutions
  • Optimus Legal Solutions

About Optimus Legal Solutions

Optimus Legal Solutions is a firm of sincere and dedicated litigation lawyers practising primarily in the Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh and the Supreme Court of India. Our lawyers range between 25 to 55 years in age each of whom specialize and excel in their spheres of law covering personal as well as corporate litigation including Intellectual property, Trade mark and Arbitration matters. We handle civil, criminal, and revenue litigation as well as service and labour laws and also deal extensively in matrimonial, property, contract, Intellectual Property, Corporate Law, banking and compensation matters. The firm offers pre litigation advice. Even when there is no litigation involved we offer our legal advice, expertise and consultation to companies and individuals across a very broad range of issues. If we have doubts about the strength of a case we do not hesitate to advice our clients against litigation. Our aim is to deal with every case in an extremely, professional transparent and efficient manner while providing utmost clarity.

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"Follow our Blog, which is primarily about Law and related topics. We hope to provide a different insight into matters concerning the courts, rule of law and the Judicial system in our country. At OLS we pride ourselves for originality of content. You may find that our blog gives a different perspective into the legal system and surrounding issues."

A statement about our goals

Understanding the complexities of law and trying to make sense of the convoluted procedures involved can be intimidating for anyone. Very often those embroiled in legal issues try to make a strategy of how to go about tackling them. Oftentimes the deeper they try to delve into it, the more confusing it seems to get. All law is based on logic, common sense, natural justice and 'The Rights of Men". However like everything else there is a certain way and logic to how litigation should be approached and handled. Lawyers are not soothsayers and it is not possible to predict the final outcome of any case with certainty, but it would be fair to say that lawyers have a fairly good idea about the final outcome of a case. A client has every right to know what his lawyer thinks about his case. Not every case can be won, but a litigant needs to know where he actually stands . Very often the vain belief of contesting parties in the strength of their case condemns them to long drawn out protracted litigation. Were a client to have the good fortune of having his legal position explained to him, a lot of frivolous litigation could be curtailed. A litigant ought in almost all circumstances be made to explore the option of an out of court settlement, a most desirable outcome under any circumstances. Legal issues can be resolved in many different ways and it is for the counsel to weigh and assay his client's case to determine its intrinsic strength. Not only that, he ought to be aware of what strategy to adopt to ensure a positive outcome. Once a stance is taken by a party in court, it is extremely difficult to go back on it. A wrong stance can often doom what may otherwise be a good case. Oftentimes the approach taken is too myopic which seeks only to address the immediate problem at hand but does not consider the future ramifications that it may have for a litigant. How a lawyer approaches a particular legal problem can be of the utmost importance for the outcome of his case. All too often it is the pre litigation work of drafting documents, giving legal opinions and preparing a strategy to address a particular problem that assumes a lot of importance . To address all these issues, requires that a lawyer be very patient , extremely well versed with the law and prepared to spend a considerable amount of time on his brief. We at Optimus Legal Solutions (OLS) feel that there is a crying need for good legal representation in our country. In small measure we seek to address all the aforesaid issues and aim at providing very high quality service to our clients to ensure a positive outcome . It is our credo to serve our clients in the best possible manner, to keep them informed and to apprise them about the possible outcome of their case in the light of legal provisions. Our firm discourages litigation, where we feel litigation ought not to be entered into, and we often suggest alternative methods of resolving a particular dispute. At "OLS" we endeavour to be frank, forthright, straightforward and honest with our clients, while looking after their interests in the best possible manner.

Our Founders

Optimus Legal Solutions

Navdeep Chhabra

Experience - 11 years

Congratulations to Mr Navdeep Chhabra on his appointment as "Deputy Advocate General" in the Punjab and Haryana High Court.
Mr Chhabra has resigned as a partner in this Law Firm due to his appointment with effect from 1st July 2017.

Our Litigation Evaluation Services

We at OLS provide a detailed analysis and evaluate the Litigation of our clients. We try to explain what the chances of success or failure of their litigation is or whether it should be entered into at all. We also evaluate ongoing litigation and suggest to our clients where they have gone wrong and how it can be improved in the light of existing laws. We try and point out the weaknesses and of a case and what strategy would be desirable for a positive outcome.

Non Resident Indians

Non residents have their own peculiar set of problems. We at OLS understand this and try to guide our NRI clients how to best approach their problems concerning Property, Inheritance and Matrimonial matters in particular. We advise our clients to ensure that their interests are safeguarded even though they may not be physically present in India.

Ask Us

Please avail of our free legal advice service. A visitor to our site may ask us any question about Law. The expert on the subject shall be asked to give a reply to your query. You have the option of keeping your question and answer private, which means it shall not be published on the site. The reply can be sent to your email account and shall not be shared with any one.

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